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Allow the candidate to assume the functions as a teacher only for a specified period of time, not to exceed three years.

Require the teacher to demonstrate satisfactory progress toward full certification as proscribed by the State.

Teacher candidates/interns will be required to complete 150 clock hours of training and 30 field based hours to be eligible for a probationary certificate and a total of 300 clock ours of training to be eligible for a Standard certificate. These clock hours (training sessions) will be specific to teacher methodologies, effective instruction, instructional strategies, classroom management, technology, diverse learners; to include, bilingual, special education and dyslexia. Training session are offered periodically throughout the year. Please inquire with the local office in your area for the next scheduled training session (Pre-Service Academy).

Student interns are required to have a supervised internship. The Field Supervisor will be assigned by the Program Coordinator. The Field Supervisor is a highly qualified, experienced Texas certified teacher (TxBESS Trained). The supervisor will conduct a minimum of 3 supervised visits; up to six for those interns needing additional assistance; and up to nine visits should any teacher be identified as a TINA (Teacher in Need of Assistance). In the event the intern needs assistance the supervisor will be there to assist and model instruction, as well as implement effective classroom management.

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